Hope for the Holidays (Finding New Hope Book 2)

Rachelle Paige

Newly elected mayor of New Hope, Jill Howell, has always been the shy, quiet type. When she brazenly enters a contest for America’s favorite small town, she never thought they’d actually become a finalist. Now Jill must recreate some past town events to get magazine worthy photos and put New Hope on the path to rejuvenation, to bring people back. But when the local hardware store owner, and Jill’s current beau, Rob, finds that he’s being evicted, things take some unexpected turns. Throw in an old flame and things are sure to heat up. Can Jill smooth over all the problems she’s inherited and save a longtime shop? Or will New Hope be forever changed?

With a sweet hometown feel, “Hope for the Holidays” is the story of timid Jill finding her voice and carving her own path in a town that has known her through her entire life. While it’s a charming read, it often feels like a puzzle that is missing pieces with several references to people and events from the first book in the series. The books should definitely be read in order to gain a better understanding and history of the town circumstances and characters. Although there were few typographical errors scattered throughout, it did not distract from the overall story. The constant romantic battle Rob carries in his head between Jill and an old flame make for an intriguing and slowly building relationship. For a quick and pleasant read, this one will not disappoint!

Marie Sanderson