Hope for the Future


In order to avoid match making attempts, Craig wants Karin to attend a family gathering with him over the weekend. When her boss requests that Karin pose as his fiancée, the job seems simple enough and Karin could really use the thousand dollars. When circumstances throw them in the same room for a night, that simple job becomes complicated and messy because while Craig makes it clear he’s only interested in a friends-with-benefits relationship, Karin’s feelings are blossoming into something much more. If Craig can’t overcome his fear of commitment, he could drive Karin from his life professionally as well as emotionally.

“Hope for the Future” is a sweet, passionate and emotionally gripping tale that seizes the heart and has readers falling in love with this strong, captivating couple. . While none of the side characters are given much depth or distinction, and Karin’s backstory is barely touched, the emotions that flow throughout this story is moving, realistic. Readers will quickly become emotionally attached to the couple as their relationship progresses through all the turmoil of a tortured hero whose fear keeps him from reaching for happily ever after so expect some tears to be shed during this reading experience. The story may be on the short side, but the fast paced plot packs quite a punch with sweet, passionate and demonstrative scenes interspersed with exciting and thrilling events which keeps readers totally enthralled throughout this gripping romantic tale of overcoming inner demons. 

E.L Hurley