Hooked (River's Sigh B & B #2)


Way out of her depth, Sam Kendall arrives at River Sigh B&B to meet Aisha, the daughter she gave up for adoption seventeen years before. Like history repeating itself, her daughter is also heavily pregnant. Everything seems to get worse when Charlie, Aisha’s widowed adoptive father shows up and right away they are at one another’s throats. As time progresses, Sam spends more time with Charlie and an attraction grows between them, but Sam is scared and immediately wants to back off and not give in to the feelings she has for Charlie. Spending time in the great outdoors, Sam begins to rethink everything she trusts and considers that maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a change.

This book delves into the issue of teen pregnancy and shows it from both sides: that of a character who has gone through teen pregnancy and given the baby up for adoption and a character who is just about to have a baby. The snippets of Charlie’s book were enjoyable and gave some insight to his feelings for Sam throughout the book, along with his feelings. The story did drag on a little and the story suffered from the slow pace. Romance aspects of the book grew throughout and did leave the reader wondering whether or not they would realize their feelings for one another.
Regardless, this author has great potential and writing skills. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick