Hook, Line & Sinker (River's Sigh B & B Book 4)


After Brian Archer encounters former classmate, Katelyn Kellerman, in the overcrowded airport when he returns home to Greenridge, BC, he will soon discover his life has changed forever. Grounded by her abusive ex-husband, who refuses to allow her to flee with their two children, Katelyn reluctantly accepts a ride from Brian to his brother’s B&B, River’s Sigh. As Katelyn makes an attempt to settle in, for however brief a time, she discovers her attempts to bury her budding feelings for Brian may prove to be as difficult as her escape from the violent husband with whom she’s wasted too many precious years of her life.

Fans of sweet romances will fall for this narrative in just the manner the title suggests. The leisurely pace of the unfolding story offers the reader ample time to get to know the main characters and provides adequate development of the supporting ones, while allowing the romance to build gradually. Katelyn’s strength of character will inspire those who come to know her in her home between the pages. The only drawbacks one might find to the novel would be the build to a climax which falls, only slightly, flat; the use of a few words in the wrong context, which could be distracting for some readers; and a conclusion some may find a bit rushed and unrealistic (especially after the indecision and back-and-forth emotions between the two main characters). Otherwise, Ms. Bishop’s work is a well-written, often poetic, novel which will keep her readers’ hearts warmed from start to finish. 

Claudette Melanson