The Honeymoon Cottage

Barbara Cool
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Camilla just lost her job, has been arrested and it turns out that her fiancée Dennis Henning is a con-man now wanted by the police!  He disappears with her company’s payroll, leaving her with a lot to answer for along with his 8 year old son Oliver to care for.  The police let her go when they realize she’s been conned but she feels it’s her duty to get the money back she was responsible for.  Her search leads her to a tiny beach town in Northern California and a house her fiancée  left named, “Honeymoon Cottage”.  She hopes to hide out here after all the scandal, but soon meets Ryan, the town’s young and very good looking  sheriff  – and realizes that the town’s eccentric characters are way too involved in everyone’s business.  Sheriff  Ryan tries to help her find Dennis, but quickly realizes there might be more than  theft involved, since he finds murder everywhere Dennis has been and fears that Camilla and Oliver may be next.

 This first novel in the Pajaro Bay romance series promises great things to come! It is written well, with interesting characters that are easy to like. The novel holds the reader’s interest with romance, intrigue, danger and murder. The author’s theme of redemption and forgiveness is well thought out. One will love getting to know the characters in this story where everyone has a secret!  Also, the author has 10% of all profits going to charities. With all that, what’s not to love?

Lynne Coyer