Hometown (Hearts of the Ridge Book One)

Rich Stetson

Tessa Meadows is home. Though not for long. Tessa has a plan. She’s preparing to move to the Big Apple. As Tessa helps her small town with different events, she comes into contact with two handsome men. An old high school acquaintance, Richard Bruce the handsome single doctor, and Jonas Rishel, a man that is far out of her realm and Amish. As Tessa navigates through her time at home, the pull for the two men in her life, and her future, Tessa comes to understand herself, and those around her better. Who will Tessa choose? Will she change and leave behind all that she knows for one man? Only time will tell. 

Wendy Rich Stetson's first book in The Hearts of the Ridge series, will have the reader coming back for more after devouring the last word. Ms. Stetson has written a book filled with descriptions, which has the reader visualizing that they are living life along with Tessa by smelling hay, watching the night sky, and feeling the rain and sun on their faces. Readers will find the pacing of the book goes along with the characters and their personalities, which gives this book an added depth. Ms. Stetson has penned the Amish community well, and has given the community and characters vibrancy and realism. She has shown the push and pull between the Amish community and the “world” in a realistic light. As the last page turns, readers will find themselves having just walked through a sun bathed field on a midsummer day.  

Heather Kroll