Home Sweet Holiday

Michele Paige

Anna Lawrence comes home to Holiday, Alabama, to run the family’s unique grocery store while her father is treated for cancer. If not for her parents, Anna would have stayed away, hiding in Seattle after her best friend and fiancé ran off, leaving Anna at the altar four years prior. Anna’s feelings are still hurt and confused by her childhood friend’s betrayal, but she finds herself realizing all that she has missed from her hometown. Little does she know that her past kindness toward a wealthy, now deceased, gentleman of Holiday has earned her the honor of being one of his benefactors. His grandson, Eli, arrives in Holiday with the intent to size up this mysterious beneficiary. To the surprise of Anna and Eli, the grandfather had much more in mind than giving them money, but also a lesson in love.  

“Home Sweet Holiday” is a riveting emotional journey of forgiveness and its byproducts of true friendship and love. Anna and Eli are impressively relatable characters that embody emotions and questions anyone may have about their past and family stories. Readers will side with Anna and her wish to steer clear of the married couple that used to be her friends, and readers will find that Anna’s ability to be the daughter in the moment of time that her parents need her to be is realistic and heartwarming. Eli’s character is a fantastic complement to Anna’s. His vision for not only his future, but their future as a couple is endearing and will make readers want to cheer for the happy ending. “Home Sweet Holiday” is a charming small-town story with a big romance!

Moira Wolf