Home Matters (Ripple Effect Romance #1)

Julie N.

Olivia Pembroke thought her dreams of becoming a star were finally going to come true when she lands an audition for a popular home improvement show - never mind that she has no formal design training, nor has she ever actually used a power tool! Olivia is sure that she can make it; however things are not quite what she expects on set.  She finds herself romantically torn between her handsome co-host and the annoying but attractive lead contractor, and professionally split between following the show’s design plans or making her own.


The first in the “Ripple Effect” novella series, “Home Matters” is a delightful and romantic read that will leave any romance lover sighing happily. Olivia is spunky but a little unsure about what she really wants. She is easily star struck by co-host William who takes an immediate interest in her, while at the same time sparks fly between Olivia and Contractor Pete almost from the beginning. The Hollywood drama on set adds tension and conflict to the plot, making the reader want to cheer Olivia on and shout, “do it!” more than once. The banter between Olivia and Pete is hilarious and the set up for the next book in the series is slipped in without a cliff hanger, which many will appreciate. With a steady pace, good characters, fun conversation, and backstabbing divas thrown in, this is a fantastic quick read!


Sarah E Bradley