Reviews - Contemporary

Kennedy O’Brien is not very fond of men.  After returning from Afghanistan and serving her country, she came home to find her husband in bed with the nanny and all bets were off.  "Fool Me Once Investigations" was born, and Kennedy's latest bail jumping case seems open and shut - until the last person she wants to see

Unwritten Rules

Madelyn Li used to be an FBI agent.  Nowadays, she's enjoying her solitude, her own space and running her own security agency in Chicago - when she's not dodging her grandmother's matchmaking attempts.  Her latest contract - security detail on a book tour with a best-selling author - seems to be just what her struggling agency needs.  Except that the author is also her sexy neighbour, Carter De

Simple Man

Shane Martin is the quintessential hard-partying, under-achieving musician - right down to the rundown trailer filled with friends drinking and playing video games every Friday night.  He is making up for years of raising his little sister Noel after their parents were killed in an accident when he was a teena

Nothing Personal

Playboy Alec Kinkaid, endowed with good looks, intelligence and business shrewdness, has never had a serious relationship with a woman and doesn’t intend to - until he’s coerced into working with the CFO of his newest software venture.

The Actor

A once-dazzling celebrity with worshipful fans, actor Marc Allender is nearly washed up.  He’s lost his identity and sense of reality.