Home Again, Home Again


Tina McCoy is returning to her home on Pitcairn Island as an aircraft engineer for the thriving tourist trade. Though she is anxious to see her family and friends after being away for six years at school, she dreads facing her old boyfriend, Connor Brown who in turn still has feelings for her. Blane Solis is a pilot and player that has possibly found the last woman he will ever love in Tina.


Ms. Christian masterfully builds a romantic triangle, making the reader wonder which man Tina will choose. Interestingly, Ms. Christian gets the reader to cheer for the suitor that is on the page whether it be Connor with his constant concern or Blane with his charming attributes. Unfortunately, there are missing prepositions, sloppy sentence structure, misspelled words and poorly structured scenes near the end of the book. On the other hand, by the time these faux pas show up, the reader is too engrossed to truly care and certainly not enough to be willing to set the novel aside. The author shows us the culture of the island in amazing detail and in such a way that the casual reader feels that he/she really understands and is amazed. For the reader that is looking for an island vacation while still cozied up in the comfort of home, they will not be disappointed with this read!


Shaunna Gonzales