Hollywood Hero – Hollywood in Muskoka, Book 3


Personal Assistant Extraordinaire, Juana "Wendy" Avila has fallen for her boss, action superstar Halden Armstrong. When he informs her they will be taking a two-week trip in the Canadian wilderness of Muskoka to view hunting lodges, Wendy sees this as her chance to hook her boss once and for all. Funny thing is, Halden also has seductive ulterior motives to see if their relationship can progress to the next level. Their exploration of romantic feelings swims along great until Halden can't resist the lure of another. After returning to Hollywood and trying to rebuild her life and career, Wendy must decide if she can forgive his transgression when Halden decides to try to win her back.

"Hollywood Hero" reads like a big screen romantic chick flick with plenty of female characters making moves to get what they want. Although the story is the familiar will-they-won’t-they trope, it’s filled with enough humor, passion, and self-discovery to keep readers interested. The insecure heroine must come to terms with the fantasy lover who isn't the perfect Greek God she's dreamed about while learning her own personal worth. The damaged hero, chased by determined and ambitious starlets, has an embarrassing secret he's terrified to have revealed. Love scenes are a mixture of carnal quickness and sensual pleasures. Sadly, the conflict causing the lover’s split isn’t a big surprise. The majestic and rustic description of Muskoka, Canada, will have readers ready to book a trip to experience a bit of nature. Ms. Morgan's tale casts a tempting lure in the waters of passion, secrets, and the pursuit of dreams coming true. 

Tonya Mathenia