Hollywood Flirt (Hollywood Name Game, Volume 2)


Sydney Revere grew up in the shadow of movie-star parents in Hollywood, an environment where “acting out” is expected. Sydney did just that, earning the nickname of “Wild Child” from the media. It all came to an end when Sydney was tired of the tinsel and ran off to become a completely different person. For ten years she’s been a boring, mouse-brown-haired attorney. A cheating husband and a divorce send her running home to her dad, who hires her to storyboard his next movie. Dash DeLauria, vying for the leading role in that movie, is captivated by Sydney at first sight. He doesn’t trust women, though, and taking care of his brother, who is mentally challenged, is his most important role in life. But Sydney reaches right in and steals Dash’s heart. Just when it seems their future is bright, Sydney’s ex shows up to crash the party.

Sparkling prose, invigorating dialogue, and expert characterization bring this tale to life in a big way. The author’s talent of injecting the “what’s gonna happen next?” factor into this romantic suspense is mind-blowing. The Hollywood-worthy plot is fast-paced and multi-layered, with each character’s personal connections and issues thoroughly explored. Emphasis on family ties girds the story with a strong frame. Add to all that sizzling hot love scenes with an achingly handsome actor, what’s not to love? This is truly a book that once you start, you cannot put it down. Readers of contemporary romance who want it all—a unique plot, suspense, lots of action, jump-off-the-page characters, and breathtaking love scenes—must not pass up “Hollywood Flirt”.

FS Brown