Hollywood Double (Hollywood Name Game Book Four)


Keely Kennedy is set on her career path. As a well-known Hollywood actress, she hasn't had much luck when it comes to finding ‘the one’.  The only love in her life is her dog, Jax. When Mac Randall is suddenly thrust into the role of leading man, they become friends as she helps him navigate the crazy world of Hollywood. Mac is determined to not get involved with another woman. When his wife cheated on him, he left the military and became a Hollywood stuntman. He's suddenly thrown into the role of a leading man when the actor he was doubling for is murdered. Mac is playing opposite Keely and the atmosphere between them is electric. But things take a dangerous turn when the killer decides that the two of them are next on the list.

This is a good old fashioned contemporary romance with some action thrown in. The plot is fast and passionate, with a whodunnit thrown in. There is a varied cast of characters with a hero and heroine that readers will fall in love with. Mac is dreamy but has that edge of realism to him that makes him down to earth. There are a lot of twists and turns to keep the tension, and with the ever-present question of who the killer is, this book is a page turner and a half. Alexa Aston has knocked it out of the park with “Hollywood Double”, and there will be some e-readers being used as fans during the searing hot love scenes. A brilliant read and one to be enjoyed in the winter season!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick