Holiday Wedding


Drew spent ten years with Lauren before she put her foot down. After a whirlwind engagement, she realized he might not be serious after all and called off the wedding, at the wedding. She still works for his family’s toy company, although Drew's twin sent him to Japan while she stayed in the headquarters in New York. Now with Christmas approaching and Drew’s attempt to redeem himself business-wise failing miserably, they will have to deal with each other for the first time since she walked away…


There is so much going on, many delightful players, Santa and elves included, readers will be pulled along a joyous ride through finding love, in all its forms. Once readers find out the real reason Drew is desperate to have his dolls be a hit, they will swoon. He is the typical man who screwed up trying to do better. Lauren is fairly put together, and has ample reason to feel as she does. There is at least one previous book; unfortunately it is rehashed with pages of info-dumping and flashbacks instead of woven into the storyline. Lauren and Drew are the king and queen of miscommunication, a plot tool not needed when poor choices and interfering crazy people are already causing problems. With all that was said about the previous story about the villainess, her behavior at the end is not realistic at all. The pieces are all here to make an unforgettable holiday tale about coming back from bad choices, growing up, and reclaiming love.


Julie York