Holiday Man

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Inn owner Shannon Quinn blames her romantic dry spell on being consumed by her work running a holiday themed resort.  Her assistant, Jake is a flirt at heart - oozing charm, he keeps her on her toes. One too many times she contemplates taking his sexual offers seriously until she meets a guest at the hotel recently ditched by his girlfriend, and he knocks her off her feet with his powerful good looks. Business mogul Bram Hartwick is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome and Shannon is in luck because he fancies her also. Shannon doesn't have an easy heart to claim and certainly one night of passion won't cause any harm, so Bram convinces her some temptations should never be resisted.

Kindle bestseller Brant is back with another e-book exclusive that is bound to charm readers far and wide! She introduces us to Door County, Wisconsin, an unexpected place to find love, and welcomes bookworms with open arms to Holiday Quinn where there's always a vacancy. The sincere connection between the main characters will be warmly embraced and it's understood why the author mentions that "romance is never convenient". On the downside, it's quite frustrating that our hero and heroine of this modern tale are workaholics.  One may wish to hear more about their blossoming romance and spicy trysts other than their jobs. Overall, a completely satisfying read nonetheless.

Jaime A. Geraldi