Hold: The Fieldings, Book 2


Thea Fielding is a single mom after ending a troubled marriage. Her goals are simple: be a good mother and earn her teaching degree. After his ex-wife cheated on him, costing him his beloved teaching career, Liam McConnell has to start over and reclaim the job to which he was devoted. When Thea and Liam meet in night class, there’s an instant attraction despite their mutual distrust of the opposite sex. They combat their attraction by doing everything they can to antagonize one another, hoping this will convince those around them that there is nothing between them. Yet, the only ones they’re truly trying to convince are themselves.

“Hold” by Kimberley Ash is a well written contemporary romance of two people who struggle to make their way despite disappointments in both their professional and personal lives. Thea and Liam are both very likeable and relatable. The glimpse we get into Liam’s failed marriage and background shows his strong character. Thea’s desire for independence and devotion to her family makes her a strong female lead. Their friend, Chloe, is a very well-rounded supporting character, as are the other friends and family. Thea’s ex proves to be a good villain, especially when he returns to supposedly reclaim his family. He and Liam are excellent adversaries for Thea’s heart. “Hold” is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone. However, reading the first book in the series may give the reader a better understanding of Thea’s background. For fans of contemporary romance with a light hand on the physical relationship and not opposed to strong language, this is a great read.

N.E. Kelley