Hitching the Pitcher

Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers,
Heather B. Moore

Sawyer Bennett is one of the original Belltown six pack and is proud to have made it in the major leagues, but he didn’t come by his baseball career without sacrifices. When he gets in touch by chance with his old college sweetheart, Erica Moore, he is reminded of just how many sacrifices he has had to make, including losing her. When they rekindle their romance, a secret he has kept for years weighs on his mind, but losing her a second time is not an option. He begins to wonder if he can he live the dream and have the girl this time around?

For baseball and romance enthusiasts this story will knock the ball into the outfield. The chemistry between Erica and Sawyer is comfortable, familiar and caring. It begins where it left off in college, growing rapidly more intense and hot. Just as expected, they rekindle the flame and ease into a relationship that is predictable but swoon worthy. The frequent trips down memory lane do get monotonous but not so much as to detour from the heart of the story. Each chapter flows well into the next keeping the heat sweet and overall entertaining. There are no major jaw dropping moments or riveting, unexpected turns, yet  the main appeal of “Hitching the Pitcher” is the heartfelt romance between two great people that will warm readers hearts.

Maggie Faria