His Temporary Wife (Texas Heart & Soul #2)

Leslie P.

Esmeralda Salinas needs a change from her unaffectionate family and love affairs gone wrong in her hometown of Rose Creek, Texas, so she heads to the town of Truth to visit her Aunt Tina. Tina isnt the aunt Esme remembers, however, and she realizes that this small town might be trickier than she first thought - especially after her aunt insists she sing at her bar and accept an outrageous offer from the incredibly handsome Rafael Benton. Determined to avoid becoming the bad girl everyone accused her of being, Rafael has to work hard to convince the beauty that his cause is just, but will their marriage solve their problems, or just create new ones?


The second in the Texas Heart & Soul series, His Temporary Wifepicks up right where the last left off, focusing on Esmeralda, who wants to find her own love this time. As a standalone this is a good book, although it seems much of Esmeraldas character development began in the first book and then just continues in this one. The backstory for Esme and Rafael is fully fleshed, and provides more conflict than the reason why Rafael wants a temporary wife. The romance itself is sweet, but it doesnt really build until the last part of the book. Some of the best interactions happen between Esme and her aunt, and readers wont be disappointed as Esmes story twists and turns. Overall, its a sweet read, but probably best read as part of the series.  


Sarah E. Bradley