His Personal Relationship Manager (Dating by Design #1)


After being stood up at the altar in the most humiliating way, Kenadie Marshall focused her efforts into her work. She has created a software application that takes online dating to a new level, and tends to create a perfect match almost every time. Yet, despite her company’s work, Kenadie has no interest in opening herself up again to love, until her best friend insists they take Jason Hadley on as a client. Jason is determined to help Kenadie break down her walls, even if it means paying to use her services to do it. The question is how far can Jason push before Kenadie either falls into his arms or runs away?


A slight twist on the standard matchmaker tale, “His Personal Relationship Manager” is a clean, slow-building romance. Kenadie is gun shy of men without being weak. Jason is confident and strong but confused by Kenadie which leads to some humorous moments. Although the plot itself is straightforward and a bit predictable, the side characters are highly entertaining and readers will finish this story and find themselves looking forward to another book about Kenadie’s best friend. The smooth pace, sigh-worthy romance, and entertaining cast make this a must read for contemporary romance lovers.


Sarah E. Bradley