His Perfect Imperfection


Enigmatic and alluring, Cain Sallas is an escort whose life revolves around making women feel beautiful and desired. Women are his business - a commodity - and nothing more. Money is plentiful but his choice of profession has left him feeling cold and empty. A fractured soul, living a life with no depth or meaning, Cain regards that he is beyond absolution.

When quirky and fun-loving Mika Makris moves into Cain’s guest cottage, it’s as though her mere presence breathes new life into Cain. Their budding friendship causes him to reconsider his stance on women. But Mika has something she is keeping hidden from him. Will Cain be able to show Mika that he sees and accepts her, flaws and all?

“His Perfect Imperfection” is a steamy, intense and heartfelt novel peppered with the angst of feeling unworthy. The story flows effortlessly and the pacing is carefully orchestrated. The hero and heroine of this tale are written with achingly sharp realism. Readers will experience Mika’s pain as if it is their own. Despite the fact that Mika is humorous and lighthearted most of the time, her struggles with self doubt turn her into a three- dimensional character. Cain is resilient, strong willed and hides a painful secret of his own. The two of them trade their ashes for beauty and transform sorrow into something exquisite. Ms. Waters has penned an original tale with unforgettable characters and proves that beauty is more than skin deep. Romance doesn't get any better than this!

Chantel Hardge