His by Design

Karen Ann

Blue Point Cove could be an artist community if Zoe Silvercreek can turn her dream of having an art gallery into reality. An old storefront, some major renovations and a loan from the devil himself can’t hold her back.  Nothing is going to stop her success - not the secret she’s hiding, nor even a drop dead gorgeous carpenter named Jeff Petrosky.  Jeff was making ends meet as a carpenter while hiding his own past demons.  Zoe’s gallery could be a windfall for Jeff and his family.  If he gains Zoe’s trust, just maybe she will eventually forgive him this one omission; but can the sparks between them overcome the deceit they are both hiding?

A captivating steamy contemporary, “His by Design” will keep readers attention bound. This original novel will draw readers in immediately as the tension between Zoe and Jeff starts the tale with a zing.  The villain is just creepy enough to give readers instant revulsion, but his association with Zoe and their past will furrow some brows.  While hunky Jeff’s talent and abilities are multi-layered, his tie with his sister and the means with which to create the slight of hand in this story may leave some lingering questions.  As hard work and perseverance pays off for Zoe’s dream the detour business she becomes involved with may give readers pause and leave yet more questions.  Every heroine needs a BFF, but missing details regarding Zoe’s friend may have readers wondering about her placement in this story.  This is a heartwarming tale to keep readers warm during a cold weekend.

Roberta Gordon