High Octane: Fueled (F1 Series)


Three years into her oncology practice, Doctor Brynn Douglas is overwhelmed by school loans and delivering bad news.  Seemingly out of the blue, she’s offered a deal that can’t be refused - join billionaire Carl Belamar as his personal physician, treat him for multiple myeloma and he’ll wipe away all of her debt. The only catch? She must appear as his girlfriend, and no one can know of his disease. When Maddux Bates crosses paths with Brynn, the draw is instant. But when the caution flag goes up, will he put on the brakes or claim the winning prize?


The second standalone book in the F1 series proves to be fast-paced both on and off the track! While some readers may presume predictability in the beginning, they are quickly treated to a complex and unusual triangle. The author has not only skillfully, but successfully blended the worlds of racing and oncology that would not normally meet. Readers need not have a fear if one is lacking knowledge or jargon of the racing world, as great care is given in translating the particulars as well as the complexities into common vernacular. Although in contrast, some may be off put with Brynn and Maddux’s first meeting and the instantaneous heat that leads to them falling into bed. While the ending is wrapped up with an intriguing and passionate alliance one is left yearning for a deeper and more elaborated conclusion. Overall, readers will not be disappointed in the steam of this sexy and racy novel!!


Stephanie Lodes