Hide Your Heart: (Far North #1)


Alexandra Lauren Knight has shed the big city lights and her modeling career and has now become Lauren Taylor - and she likes it that way. New look, new life. She’s living the life she wants, restoring cars…yes, woman do that sort of thing, and spending time with her adorable son Drew. It’s her life, on her terms, leaving behind the world of abusive husbands and paparazzi. That is, until her new neighbor throws a wrench into her quiet, content life.


After losing his mentor, Nate Fraser needs a change of pace from the constantly on-the-go life as a photojournalist. Never one to stay in one place too long, he decides flipping and restoring real estate and turning it into a celebrity retreat is just the ticket. But, buying the property next door to Lauren Taylor, sight unseen, turns out to be a much bigger project than he expected. Living in a tent while restoration is in progress isn’t ideal, and striking a deal to rent out Lauren’s extra room makes life easier…or does it? 


*Heavy contented sigh*. Get ready to add Nate Fraser to an ever-growing book boyfriend list! The pace and flow of this story is spot on, and all the side characters add just the right depth to this wonderful story. Nate is totally sigh and drool-worthy. Lauren is fascinating - she gives up her high-paying job to do what she loves, she’s independent, smart and a great mom. The perfect combination..her and Nate. Add adorable Drew to the equation and one has all the right ingredients for an unputdownable story!


Lynne Bryant