Hers by Request

Karen Ann

Devlyn MacMurphy fought for his country, sacrificing his future in battle. The emotional scars he bears are larger than the visible ones. He lives life moment to moment, intent on completing one last mission. He has a promise to keep. 

Amanda Adams has an intimate relationship with heartache. First her father disappeared when she was a child, and then her fiancé was killed in battle. She vows she will never fall in love again. Missions and vows are hard to keep when fate intervenes, as Dev and Amanda soon discover. 

The depth of each character within the story is overwhelmingly accurate and poignant. The author has managed to depict the inner turmoil of multiple people touched by tragedy with a skill that is deserving of praise. The heartache is palpable within Dev and Amanda, and each character highlighted in this beautifully crafted drama. Romance is inevitable as the characters open up their souls and allow the other in. One of the best aspects is the powerful revelations that Mac needs to face as he releases unwarranted guilt. The reader will proceed through a gamut of emotional reactions, but a tissue warning is definitely warranted here. The additional aspect of the mystery surrounding Amanda’s father is completely beneficial to the complexity of a story that unfolds exceptionally well. The setting of Blue Point Cove opens doorways to a bounty of additional stories, covering the cast of intriguing characters introduced in “Hers by Request”. 

A must-read romantic mystery for the ages!

Penelope Anne Bartotto