Her Perfect Partner (The Twelve Loves of Christmas Book 1)


Quinn is tired of change and loves everything about Dos Fuentes, the coastal California town his father’s family has always lived in. Anna is fresh from the east, with ideas on how to improve the local Christmas Festival. Dos Fuentes is only a pit stop for Anna, but it’s life for Quinn. Can two people with such different outlooks come together to make the festival a success? It’s not likely if you ask either of them. But Anna and Quinn do not have a choice, and as they work together the festival isn’t the only thing that will undergo change, they will as well.

The first in a series of contemporary romances centered on a Christmas festival, this story is a typical boy meets girl trope that takes the best from this genre and gives it a different look. The story is fairly straightforward and has a predictable ending, but readers looking for some lighthearted and sweet romance should add this story to their to-read lists as a result, because it hits all the right spots in the ways readers adore. While it may not spark book club discussions or top the charts for originality, “Her Perfect Partner” is the love story that a friend might have lived, or a reader could see happening next door. Sweet, clean, and fun, this story is perfect for readers looking for more romance in between daily tasks.

Sarah E Bradley