On Her Own

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Darci isn’t exactly sure how it happened. Technically she knows how one becomes pregnant, but how it happened to her, that’s a different story.  She’s a good girl and never gets in trouble, but  one night things get out of control (with the help of alcohol) and she sleeps with Red, her brother’s best friend. The consequences of that one night of irresponsibility are far reaching.
Red is stunned when he finds out the truth, but he immediately offers marriage. After all, he grew up never knowing who his father was,  and he was bullied throughout school for something that wasn’t his fault. He won’t allow that to happen to his child. If only the baby’s mother would agree with him.
The plot itself is nothing new - a one night stand, an accidental pregnancy.  There are ways to take that plot and make something remarkable out of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case here. Darci is immature, selfish, and uses the excuse of hormones to be even more so. Sometimes, in situations like that, you need to stop thinking about yourself and think about the only innocent party – the baby. She isn’t able to do it.  There is also precious little romance in the book, although the characters do seem to proclaim love for each other (but only when all seems hopeless and massive melodrama is infused). Then there’s the completely clichéd other woman, who is not only completely evil and stupid, but unimaginative as well. There are some slivers of light - Red seems like a good man, if a little naïve. And Darci’s brother Derek is great, protective, supportive, and loving. He almost makes one wish for an elder brother!
Ana Smith