Her Kind of Man

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Kara Cochrane is planning her wedding when she is jilted out of her intended's arms by none other than her sister.  In an effort to conceal her hurt, Kara accepts the attentions of Ross Williams, a boy she ignored throughout school. Ross has loved Kara since the second grade and has promised himself that if ever the chance comes his way, he will make Kara his own.

The stage is set for an interesting romantic triangle and yet Ms. Cantrell weaves a slow, almost flat story of Kara's inner conflict. Instead of showing the reader the interesting twists and turns, she resorts to telling that the twists and turns happened most of the time while driving us from one disappointing kiss to the next.

When the story threatens to bog to a halt, the reader is given an interesting tidbit and yet left with more telling of how it plays into the heroine's woes.

The characters threaten to all sound the same. Although our romantic lead is gorgeous, possibly because the book cover shows us he is, the other characters remained two dimensional. Ms. Cantrell's research, though penetrating the facts of life on a dairy farm, is incomplete. And yet the reader's efforts are rewarded with a clean read and a happily ever after.

Erin Murdock