Her Hearts Desire (Sunflower Series Book 1)


After her parents' death, Amelia Britton’s primary focus has been to save the family farm, but her overbearing older brother has other ideas. While Craig schemes for a way to force her to move to the city, she becomes more determined to make it on her own and prove him wrong. Lucas Dwyer has returned from Afghanistan to find his own family’s farm in foreclosure - not what he had envisioned for a perfect homecoming. Determined to make a new life for himself while sending his little sister through college he strikes out on his own entrepreneurial venture. But when Craig begins to pigeonhole his sister’s steadfast efforts and dreams, Lucas will be forced to choose between his lifelong friend and his developing love for Amelia.


Ms. Joyce breathes both life and emotion into her characters with her latest release. Readers will find engaging qualities within both romantic and familial relationships as well as the character’s real-life struggles of maintaining their dreams. The author elegantly blends a realistic impression of life in a small farming community, while also descriptively painting the beauty and enchantment of wide open spaces and country living within the Sunflower state. "Her Heart's Desire" is the first in series, and some readers may be disappointed, as the novel is brought to an abrupt halt, and leaves some unanswered questions. However, great care is given in showing the resiliency of the heroine. Readers looking for their next feel-good read will thoroughly enjoy this heartwarming tale. 


Stephanie Lodes