Her Greatest Risk


Losing a family member at a young age plays a large role in determining the person you become. Such is the case for Jennifer Aukland, an architect who restores and develops interiors for new and historic buildings. Her passion is historic architecture, and when she meets Michael Reynolds, a developer planning to demolish the old hotel she is passionate to save, sparks fly in all different directions.  

For a time, Jennifer and Michael are on the same page and life is good - marriage good. Until the day Michael puts his life at risk, destroying the safe and secure bubble Jennifer thought she had found. Will Jennifer be able to set her fears aside, and have the life they dreamed of? Or, will she move forward and leave Michael behind, and find someone who isn’t willing to put his life in danger, and keep her fears where they belong? Is love worth her greatest risk of all?

“Her Greatest Risk” starts out with an intriguing plot and ensnares the reader to keep turning pages. Michael is the kind of character book boyfriends are made of. He’s hot, smart, with a great career. Where the story loses its appeal is in Jennifer’s personality. Her constant need to stay away from any type of risk becomes redundant and makes her seem weak and somewhat unlikeable. When the conclusion begins to peak, it happens all a bit too quickly after the length of time with the issues between the protagonists. Ms. Deluca does throw in a surprising twist towards the end, though, which makes this story well worth the risk. 

Lynne Bryant