Her Forever Cowboy (Harland County Series Book 4)


Shayla Ryan is a single mother with a past that has kept her on the run. Longing to establish a stable home for her daughter, she settles in Harland County. However, Kevin Dalton, a sexy Casanova-type cowboy is disturbing her peace of mind. Kevin, who is adamantly opposed to forever relationships, loves puzzles and his lifestyle of carefree dating with a variety of women. But his way of life and peace of mind are being disturbed by two redheads - Shayla and her daughter, who he is finding hard to resist. When Shayla’s past catches up to her, will Kevin be what she needs?


This sexy romantic tale starts off with a punch and keeps up the pace throughout the book. Fourth in the Harland County Series, “Her Forever Cowboy” stands alone with engaging many-layered characters, and a story that hooks the reader from the very beginning. Sprinkled with humor throughout, it takes one on an emotional ride rich with laughter, tears, and heart-warming romance. The chemistry between the protagonists is so sizzling hot it almost jumps out of the book, while the scorching sex scenes heat up the pages to combustible level!


Kevin’s anger near the end is shallow considering that he knew Shayla’s past, and the resolution to her predicament is rushed; however these issues do not detract from the story’s appeal. With the use of secondary characters as an integral part of the plot, this tale is given depth and dimension, as well as, a touch of realism, to make this a captivating story that touches the heart.  


Janna Shay