Her Faux Fiancé


Despite his prestige in a London law firm, Erik is a prairie boy at heart. So when he returns home to Canada for his grandparent’s anniversary and notices a car on the side of the road, he can’t help but pull over. When a pair of aqua-colored eyes he thought he’d never see again look back at him, his heart stalls in his chest.

Ten years and endless hours of therapy should have prepared her for this moment, but Analise really should have known she could never return to this small town without having to face a few demons. Yet, how could she possibly foresee that mere hours upon arrival that she’d be wearing the ring of said demon?

A lovely return-to-one’s-roots story, “Her Faux Fiancé” is a charming stroll through the lives of a couple who weren’t meant to be…yet. With rich relationships, colorful customs, and heartwarming heritage, it’s a delightful escape to the prairies of Canada.

Some of the yes-no, yes-no, cat and mouse elements grow a bit tiresome, but quickly fade behind unique plot lines and tidy writing. One can’t help but feel the fondness the author has for her story, for its places and people. It’s refreshing to feel the bond through her while reading. It’s really quite rare anymore. She’s done a tremendous job of sharing her tender connection with the reader.

Sofia St. Angeles