Her Dollmaker’s Desire (Beyond Fairytales)


Amy Nelson was one-half of a famous ballet duo, but a career-ending accident has forced her off of the London stage and home to her father and wicked stepmother. Having suffered tremendously at the hands of her extremely abusive dance partner Johnathon, Amy seeks to forge a new life outside of his influence.  When she takes a job as an entertainment reporter, Amy is tasked with interviewing the world renowned doll maker, Tobias, for an exhibition of his work.  A chance meeting with Tobias’s grandson Peder causes the pair to strike up an unlikely friendship.  But as they begin to fall for one another, Peder’s bad boy past quickly comes calling. Will Peder resort to his former ways for Amy’s sake?


“Her Dollmaker's Desire" is loosely based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Ms. Wynn has penned a one-of-a-kind story that starts out strong and builds to a fever pitch. While the tale takes a darker turn as Amy begins to learn about Peder's sordid past, what results from that startling revelation is an explosion of twists and turns that will leave one reeling. Although the surprises are fast and furious, the ending seemed rushed. One may also feel the author could have devoted more time to expound on the alluded-to magical aspects of the story. However, if the reader is looking for a book that has them on the edge of their seat, as well as a plot that keeps one guessing, don't look any further!


Chantel Hardge