Her Best Friend Fake Fiancé: Benton Billionaire Romance


Sawyer and Betzy have been best friends their whole lives, secretly crushing on one another for years. Ten years after Sawyer moves across the country, Betzy finds herself the subject of a horrible magazine article and enlists her best friend to help negate the accusations. Ever since they were eight years old, Sawyer has wanted to marry Betzy, so when she asks him to pretend to be her fiancé, he jumps at the chance to be by her side, even if it is not real. While they fake their way to an engagement, will they finally be able to proclaim to one another their true feelings or will they both walk away heart broken in the end?

Ms. Krey delivers a cute romance story, full of loveable characters readers will enjoy getting to know. Betzy and Sawyer are well-developed, giving readers enough background to understand their thoughts and actions, providing for a more entertaining story along the way. The constant lack of emotional communication between the two main characters creates great tension throughout, but may also be annoying for some readers. Although one will root for Betzy and Sawyer to finally declare their feelings and for the “villain” to get hers, the ending does not bring full closure or explanation to fully satisfy one’s curiosity. Even with a rushed ending, “Her Best Friend Fake Fiancé” will keep readers glued to the page to the final moment.

Amy Cefoldo