Hell on Heels (Hotel Rodeo #1)


WESTERN:  Ty Morgan and Tom Brandt are businesses partners but in truth, Tom is more like a father to him. When a stroke leaves Tom unable to conduct his business interests, his daughter Monica steps in. Before the stroke, Ty and Tom had planned on rebuilding their shared hotel - which is not what Monica feels is in her dad's best interest now. Both their hearts are put to the test and while their mutual respect grows and their physical attraction escalates, Ty is determined to make it work. Though they seem to be opposites, fireworks are blazing and the tension between them is hotter than the desert. Can this business-savvy woman be lassoed by this cowboy before their 60-day contract is up?

This is the kind of romance that wakens up the senses and keeps them on high alert, with steamy scenes that have a lot of honesty yet keeps the temptation dial turned up full blast. Ty is hot and tempting, flaws and all, the kind of cowboy that demands one's attention. Monica has sex appeal in spades and her confidence is appealing. She's the perfect match for Ty, and draws the reader in, scene after scene. The characters' colorful language can be a deterrent, but it does add to their charm. The ending was a bit of a cliff hanger leaving a small deprived feeling yet overall this is a fantastic read that will have romance enthusiasts chomping at the bit for the next segment in the series!

Margaret Faria