Heaven in Your Eyes

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Annie McAllister has had it with Drake LeBlanc. The man is stubborn and won’t stop dogging her!  True, he is handsome and a good man, but the last thing she wants is a relationship. It all comes to head at the New Year’s Eve when she is attacked. Luckily Drake comes along and saves her. Maybe that would’ve been the end of it, but the man who attacked her became obsessed and started stalking her.
Drake has wanted Annie since the first time he saw her. Of course, her being an obstinate feminist who is clearly against relationships, he doesn’t have it easy. But persistence does pay off, and Annie starts to fall for him. Unfortunately, there is the pesky stalker to take care of before they get to live Happily Ever After.
The book could’ve been great, it has all the ingredients - both the hero and the heroine have large families who are always underfoot, there are Annie’s pets, a talking parrot and a protective cat, and of course, the creepy stalker who provides a suspenseful twist. Unfortunately, there were some major flaws. Mainly, the incredibly irritating characters - Annie was  independent to the point of stupidity.  With her constant brash, rude, and often unwarrented set-downs, the reader is never given any reason to like her, let alone hope for her happiness. There were also glitches in believability, especially with the stalker and his “access”.  The best part of the book is the parrot – so incredibly cute and funny. The way he teased Drake is priceless. All in all, it showed promise, but it didn’t quite deliver.
Ana Smith