A Heat of the Moment Thing

Le Page

CHICK-LIT:  It was a spectacular first meeting Becky Jordan had an accident in the pool and Matt Frobisher saved her. A true hero. Once she shakes off the shock of it all, she wants to find him - if only shed remembered to ask for his name/number/twitter handle!  Good thing it's a small world really, because he turns out to be her new boss. Now, Becky has firm rules about bosses as in, dont date them.  But hes charming, handsome and really hard to resist. So, she comes up with an alternate plan a distraction in the form of an old acquaintance. Its a foolproof plan, really. Until it all blows up in her face.


A funny, romantic story that focuses on the question of who we really are and what is it that we want in life. At the beginning, Becky is this insecure woman who just wants to find her Happily Ever After, but as the story progresses she learns to be happy about herself.  What often makes or breaks this type of story s the protagonist. Becky is a mostly likeable, if somewhat predictable, character. She also has her flaws: an inability to deal with her problems and resorting to lies to get what she wants. The side characters are really good, especially Beckys roommate Jim, her coworker Sal and Matts brother Stef. All in all, a compelling story with some pretty interesting characters! 


Ana Smith