Heartsong Hills (Hearts of the Ridge, book 2)

Rich Stetson

Nora Beiler, a young widow, is in constant pain from the accident that destroyed her hip and killed her husband. Though a local doctor encouraged her to get a hip replacement, Nora believes faith should help her as much as medicine could. When she finally gives in and has the surgery, she’s amazed at how she feels. The doctor recommends a local exercise class for seniors as physical therapy. No one mentioned, however, the class was tap dancing. Amish don’t dance, but Nora enjoys the movement and the last of the stiffness is leaving her body. When she meets Tucker McClure, grandson of one of the dancers, she has no idea he’s a well-known country star. While the couple has more questions than answers, the one thing they understand is being together is not an option.

Readers will love the beauty and depth of this story from Amish country. The family dynamics and simple dedication to faith and home create an entertaining story. While Nora struggles with faith and beliefs and a curious, intelligent daughter, Tucker longs to write songs with the ease he did in the beginning. Readers can feel how the differences in their lifestyles pull at Nora and Tucker. However, those differences between them won’t let them ignore what happens when they’re near each other. When Tucker goes back on the road, Nora fear and loneliness will tug on readers’ heartstrings. The perfect book to curl up with by a warm fire, and a cup of hot chocolate!

Leah Neale