HeartBreak Hotel


Kara is a young woman fresh out of school and looking to start her life. She is offered a job working at an elite hotel in Prague, and it is there she hears the story of the Charles Bridge.  If a couple kisses on the bridge they will be in love forever, which makes her determined to find her true love and seal the deal on the bridge. She begins to meet new people and starts dating, often with disastrous results. She visits clubs with her girlfriends only to be met with slimy guys who creep her out. She dates a sportscaster she meets at the hotel only to have her heart broken when he leaves without a goodbye after their one date. Her misadventures lead her to sneak into a U2 concert and accidentally ending up on stage! Her misadventures in Prague are full of fun, and life but also heartbreak.


Ms. Cruz writes a coming-of-age story of a young woman looking for love and the heartbreak and lessons she learns along the way. Written in the first person point of view, the story is told through Kara’s eyes. Though readers will follow Kara through the ins and outs of her day working in the hotel and her adventures, there is no clear direction where the story will go. Despite that Ms. Cruz writes a story that will have readers wondering what comes next for Kara and hoping she finds her one true love.


Molly S. Daniels