Heart River Inn


COMEDY:  Lexi Sheridan has made an incredible discovery that may prove the catalyst to her career as a serious journalist.   Now if she can just find the moxie to ask the tough questions!  As a writer for New York Insight magazine, she visits the Heart River Inn, a lover's resort for couples of all ages located in Pennsylvania. The inn is the creation of Max Bernard, an eternal romantic and aging veteran. What she doesn't expect to find is proof that true love exists or the very single 'Mr. Perfect,' Jared Richardson.


McKade has hit a home run with this novella! Her descriptions of the Heart River Inn and the constant flow of characters on and off screen is nothing short of delightful. She smoothly influences the narrative with dry humor without being a comedian, not an easy task for modern authors. Though there is plenty of evidence on the page of love and the activities of those in love, McKade tastefully keeps such activities off-screen, allowing the reader to experience the awkwardness of being single at a couples resort. The only shortcoming in this piece is the need of tighter editing, rather than the obligatory spell check. “Heart River Inn” is certainly a book worth a second read, especially for the humor!


Shaunna Gonzales