The Heart Knows


Lauren, widowed mother of two, realizes that it is finally her time to be her own person. Upon discovering that her deceased husband spent their life savings she decides a new start is in order. She returns to Seattle and purchases an established catering company, complete with established clients. One of these clients, celebrity Brenden Mackenzie,  catches not only her business, but also her eye. In return she captures his heart. 

From the start "The Heart Knows" fails to make an emotional connection to the reader. The characters are flat and do not jump into any action. The plot, while having potential, never truly gets off the ground. The large time gaps from chapter to chapter may be a contributing factor to the storys inconsistent continuity and flow.  One moment you are in one city, the next another. The time in which the family is crossing the country would have been a good way for the reader to connect with the characters, especially the spoiled Isabelle. Most disheartening is the jump into a romantic relationship, replete with sex scenes that needed more fire, more passion. Less attention to brand names and more attention to drawing the reader into the characters lives and the story would make a huge difference in the story of a woman taking back control of her own life and finding success. Idea, good. Potential, there. Currently, the entire novel needs some tender loving care. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto