A Heart for the Holidays


Silver Morgenstern is a former surgeon looking for a new purpose in life. Her current job is rewarding, but isn’t her dream. Her dream was tragically taken away by an accident. When she meets a man who suddenly wants to give up on life, she makes it her mission to change his mind. 

Fisher Tibbs needs a new heart. After finally reaching the top of the transplant list, he makes the odd decision to remove his name from the list. A tragedy took his daughter and while he has done so much to remember her, he still cannot bring himself to take a healthy heart from someone who would probably live a long and healthy life. Something he doesn’t believe will happen for him. 

"A Heart for the Holidays" is a dramatic story that truly touches the heart (quite literally) for one character. Kudos to Ms. Volney for her research and understanding of the topic she chose to write about, making the story educated and interesting. In creating the characters, the author developed two unique people that could easily come together. A minor continuity error involving winter gloves was a small prick in the overall tale. The story is beautifully executed, start to finish, and is truly a feel-good novel that will potentially bring readers to tears. Silver and Fisher are a dynamic couple that can stand the test of time. Sweet romance is alive and well in the literary world! 

Penelope Anne Bartotto