Heart of Design


HUMOR:  Sophie Hartland is the proprietor of Hartland Designs and an interior decorator in California. She meets her biggest client to date thanks to her best friend Poppy, a party planner, who she helps out from time to time. Ian O'Connor is the lead actor in a popular TV series and an agreeable client. However, the obvious chemistry between them makes the job challenging, because Sophie is determined to be as professional as possible. The job is not Sophie's only concern though. Her mother hasn't heard from her sister Holly in awhile.


This piece of contemporary fiction is filled with characters whose flaws are endearing or not – depending on the situation. It is the ability of the author to make characters come alive on the page in believable surroundings that makes this a good read. The primary plot line is not unique, but readers may find that the subplot is more interesting. The narrative shifts from first to third person and back again; reserving the first person narrative for Sophie and the other for Ian. Overall, this is not confusing, but it does lead to editing hiccups.


Though one does have expectations from the start, the pacing of the book allows those expectations to build slowly as the reader roots for the main characters. Having an inkling where a book will go, does not mean the reader won’t enjoy the journey to the end.


Heather R. Nielsen