A Heart’s Design


It’s been eleven years since Jase ran from the ashes of his past, and the idea of going home haunts him. The arrival of a letter from an old family friend, however, has him contemplating just that. Madison Blakely is taking a scary leap forward in her career by moving away from her father’s residential designs to commercial. Her first step is to win a coveted contract with the brilliant real estate mogul, Jase Cutter. Only, fate has other plans, and she ends up secretly designing a private home on the bachelor’s ranch. For Jase, meeting Madison has him thinking that maybe he’s finally strong enough to rebuild.

This romance is one of ambitions, heartfelt emotions and about how the past, friends, family, acquaintances and careers can affect a relationship. Readers won’t be able to help but get caught up in all the emotions of these characters as their story unfolds. Jase and Madison are strong, memorable characters, and their story is ‘real’, which will have readers holding their breath in suspense and shedding a few tears as obstacles interfere with their growing relationship. The hero and heroine are different in the way they live their lives, their incomes, and their expectations; but this story also shows readers what’s beneath the skin and that everyone can overcome the odds and reach for that happily ever after.  While the story is mostly all about the relationship building, it is also full of suspense, with  unexpected twists threatening to tear everything apart which will keep readers glued to the pages of this heartwarming and realistic romance!

E.L. Hurley