Healing Summer


Mollie Hinkle is not looking for love when she accompanies her two friends on a road trip to Montana.  Love has failed her, her fiancé left her at the altar. On top of that, she has a health scare she has to deal with.  When her eyes make contact with Craig Coulter at a party, she has no reason to suspect they will fall deeply in love. But will their love last longer than the time she spends in Montana?


“Healing Summer” has a wonderful heroine in Mollie. She’s a very sweet character who has seen a lot of struggle in her young life, but it hasn’t embittered her. Instead, she has a strong spirit and a kind heart.  Craig is the opposite in many ways.  He had a rough start in life. When his reputation is damaged as a teenager, he’s willing to live down to it, although it makes finding love with a good woman like Mollie almost impossible.  While the two fall quickly, they have obstacles to overcome, and that is the drama in this story, watching them work past misconceptions and genuine fears, and go after their love for each other.   Craig’s change from bitter and cynical is believable, shaping him into a very appealing hero. The secondary characters, Mollie and Craig’s friends and family, add welcome depth to this novel.  The dialogue is lively and modern-feeling, matched to a genuine, heartwarming love story.   “Healing Summer” is a very enjoyable contemporary romance!


Danielle Hill