Healing Rain (The Second Novel in The Rain Trilogy)


NEW ADULT:  Raina has been dealt a severe setback in her abuse recovery and has decided that leaving the life she has built with Kas will save them both. When Kas proposes to Raina   she flees, leaving him stunned and heartbroken. Not willing to let her go, Kas follows her to prove his love, and that nothing, not even her abusive, powerful father can keep them apart. 


While working with the FBI to bust a sex-trafficking ring, Raina’s help is solicited when her co-workers discover her singing voice. Going undercover as a singer is dangerous, but helping the girls who have been kidnapped is worth the risk. While undercover, she begins to get phone calls from a person from her past, taunting her, knowing he is due to get out of prison soon. Will Raina be able to handle being undercover, and her past coming back to haunt her? Kas will love and protect her, but is it enough?


Kudos Ms. Stewart, for taking off right where “Saving Rain” ended. Although “Healing Rain” stands fairly well on its own, it would behoove one to read the first book in the series. This story is intense and the plot flows. However, it seems to have lost some of the richness the first installment contained.  Although not graphic, the sex scenes are numerous and don’t seem to be as emotive as they should, which throws the story off track.  Ms. Stewart does a great job of tying up the loose threads of past characters. 


Warning; the ending falls off a big, tall cliff, leaving the reader itching to know what happens next!


Tonya Smalley