Healing Emily’s Heart


On the last day before high-school senior and football star Cole Jacobs leaves for Kent State, he shares a night of beer-fueled passion with his smart but shy and virginal math tutor, junior Emily Patterson. Flash forward six years and pro-football star Cole is back in his hometown. He always wondered what became of Emily, and he quickly finds out when he saves her from being molested by a drunken patron of the bar where she works. Old passions spark to life, but their past stands against anything meaningful happening between them. Can a lot of steamy sex move them beyond the roadblocks in their way?

"Healing Emily's Heart" is a truly delightful, short, second-chance romance that hits all the high notes! From the first chapter, where the author deftly channels the thoughts of a slightly drunk but genuinely nice high school boy, to the last, the smooth, crisp prose and some beautiful phases bring the characters to life. In a short space, the author portrays Emily and Cole’s emotions with brilliant depth and sensitivity. Even the minor characters have well developed personalities, as they people the small town of Whispering Pines, Colorado. Toward the end, a few minor sour notes, especially in Cole’s caveman-possessiveness, mar an otherwise perfect tale. The sex scenes sizzle yet manage to stay classy and graceful—no mean feat! “Healing Emily’s Heart” should be on every romance lover’s must read list, and CiCi Cordelia will no doubt become a romance reader favorite!

Marc Joseph