He Loves Me, He Love Me Not

After an expected marriage proposal becomes an unexpected breakup for Hollyn, she heads back to her hometown heartbroken. Back to being Hollyn, River and Dax: older sister, younger brother, and best friend. Since everybody else appears to be all grown up and living successful lives, Hollyn is left feeling very lost, not to mention betrayed, scared and jobless. Dax is thrilled to have Hollyn back in town, but he’s struggling to have the girl he’s loved all his life living with him in her brother’s bedroom. He followed in his beloved father’s footsteps and became a florist. He just needs to get enough money to buy back his father’s old storefront. To do that, he must win the Battle of the Blossoms, but he can’t do it without help.
Winter blues will fade away as one flies through the pages of this blooming romance! Dax works hard to make his florist business a success while working even harder to keep Hollyn from knowing he cares for her. Hollyn feels like the whole world has lost its glow. She feels alienated from her family and friends and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. When Dax asks her to help him win the Battle of the Blossoms, she agrees because there’s nothing else to do. However, in the midst of arranging flowers and creating dream weddings, Hollyn feels love budding in her own heart. Her life with Dax was over years ago. There’s no chance now, she’s sure. Humor and romance will keep one reading to the end!
Leah Neale