Reviews - Contemporary

Jacob and Greta thought their romance was nothing but a one-time fling, a one-night stand, so to speak, a moment shared between them that would never be repeated but forever stay a memory. However, things turn out very differently. They meet again, and this time, Jacob isn’t about to let Greta slip away that easily.

Matt Hanley is a former investment manager turned adventurer who craves adrenaline and the outdoors. When his business partner at their country hotel gets injured, he needs a replacement, and soon. Hailey Gordon has zero interest in an adventurous lifestyle. She wants stability and predictability.

With hopes for the future tied to someone else’s dream, Jack Talon is on a mission to correct his mistakes of the past. He lent money to fund an American professor’s expedition to Peru and now the professor has died without paying his debt, leaving Jack’s restaurant in peril.  Jack is surprised to find out that the professor did leave him something, but it’s not what he expected.

A Heart’s Design

It’s been eleven years since Jase ran from the ashes of his past, and the idea of going home haunts him. The arrival of a letter from an old family friend, however, has him contemplating just that. Madison Blakely is taking a scary leap forward in her career by moving away from her father’s residential designs to commercial.

The Barista’s Beloved-The River Hill Series Book 4
Rebecca Norinne
Jamaila Brinkley

Maeve Brennan is a whiskey-producing powerhouse. While she’s found success at work, her love life leaves a lot to be desired. She has watched friend after friend find happiness, but when will it be her turn? Ben Worthington is a lawyer turned barista through a series of unfortunate events. He is now living above his friend’s garage trying to figure out his next move.