Hawaiian Masquerade (Destination Billionaire Romance)

Rachelle J.

After wasting away several years of her life working at least sixty hours a week, Lexi Burke decides enough is enough, and she’s not about to let stress control her life any longer. She quits her job, and moves to Kauai, Hawaii. 

In Hawaii, she meets Derek, a photographer who moved to the island two years ago, determined to start his own photography business. Life has been hard for him, and he’s struggling to keep afloat financially. He resents the wealthy tourists who visit Hawaii, and although Lexi instantly feels attracted to him, she’s worried he might not be interested in her anymore when he finds out just how wealthy she is. 

The author did a fabulous job describing the island, and making it easy for the reader to picture themselves on holiday in Hawaii. The characters were unique too, and they made for an intriguing couple. While the book was an enticing read, the ending was rushed and not all loose ends were tied up. Derek and Lexi come from two very different worlds, but they have matching personalities: Lexi is caring and giving, and Derek is sweet and adorable. The side characters each had a unique personality and brought more depth to the story. 

Majanka Verstraete