To Have and To Hold


NEW ADULT:  Colin MacLann is part of all American Brooklyn family and has always been a stand out. He is part of a loving family and has a tight knit group of friends. He was a high school football star and also in a rock band with his friends. Now it’s his wedding day. His mother has planned a brunch and the family and groomsmen are meeting prior to the big occasion. Colin mentions five girlfriends but which one wins his heart for good? There is a glimpse of the day from many perspectives that is a trip down memory lane for all involved. As multiple memories are revealed many emotions surface.


“To Have and To Hold” is a family tale that walks readers through the wedding day with the point of view switching from the groom, family members and groomsmen. While taking readers through the emotions of the day, it also reflects on many flashbacks and memories for each of the characters. This may be difficult to follow for some readers. There are multiple characters added with the flashbacks makes for a lot to follow. This is a sweet tale of a family dynamics along with loves and losses with the son being the fiber that weaves the constant. With not many highs or lows to the plot the story has a monotone feel and may leave readers wanting for more.


Julie Caicco